How many cars can fit into a container?

Depending on sizes of cars being shipped from the USA, it may be up to four cars consolidated in one 40 HC container. However, some vehicles – like the beloved by Europeans VW busses, due to their full size cannot be lifted in order to gain space in a container. Therefore, such combination of 3 VW buses require a 45 hc container in order to fit within the container dimentions.

In most cases its common to load only three or even only two cars. For shipping luxury or antique cars from US we would recommend shipping single cars in entire 20′ ocean freight containers or shipping in a 40 hc container ensuring that half a container will be designated to your vehicle only. If you are shipping smaller cars like MG or Porsche, depending certainly on the value and condition of such vehicles – per your request it is feasible to load even 5 vehicles in a container.

Lets not forget about the weight limitations. Vehicles with a higher weight like Hummer or Land Rovers – due to their weight, it is not recommended to lift them up on any type of ramp to load another vehicle below. Such load is commonly knows as unsafe. If you are shipping a vehicle in a shared container, your rate should be offered all in – including loading and securing cars in container, U.S. Customs formalities and ocean freight to the destination.

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